Pupils' Term Dates


2016 - 2017

Autumn 2016 Starts Thursday 8th September
  Inset days Thursday 20th & Friday 21st October
  Half term Monday 24th – Friday 28th October
  Ends Friday 9th December (12 noon)
Spring 2017 Starts Thursday 5th January
  Inset day  Friday 10th February
  Half term Monday 13th – Friday 17th February
  Ends Thursday 23rd March (12 noon)
Summer 2017 Starts Thursday 20th April
  Bank Holiday Monday 1st May
  Inset Day Friday 26th May
  Half term Monday 29th May – Friday 2nd June
  Ends Friday 7th July (12 noon)


Autumn 2017 Starts Thursday 7th September
  Inset days  Thursday 19th & Friday 20th October
  Half term Monday 23rd – Friday 27th October
  Ends Friday 8th December (12 noon)
Spring 2018 Starts Thursday 4th January
  Inset day  Friday 9th February
  Half term Monday 12th – Friday 16th February
  Ends Thursday 22nd March (12 noon)
Summer 2018 Starts Wednesday 18th April
  Bank Holiday       Monday 7th May
  Inset day  Friday 25th May
  Half term Monday 28th May – Friday 1st June
  Ends Friday 6th July (12 noon)
Autumn 2018  Starts Thursday 6th September    


  • Clubs run as usual on the Thursday before half term starts with the exception of homework club.
  • There are no clubs on the first and last week of term.
  • There is no homework the first and last week of term.

Enthusiasm for learning is shown by very good attendance. (Ofsted report 2015)

dominie school

Ofsted Outstanding School 2014/2015